News Update

9 May 2023

GB23C at Maritime Greenwich has now shut down. The final contact tally was over 12,000 QSOs in 138 different DX countries! Well done to all involved!

Cray Valley Radio Society now passes the baton to other UK clubs and amateurs to continue operating the GB23C callsign until the end of June.

GB23C at Maritime Greenwich being disassembled after a successful operation.

Timelapse video of CVRS members M0SJW, M0WDT, M7CXU and M7RHW unloading 3 metric tons of ballast at the club's storage facility; video by M0SJW.

8 May 2023

Today is the last full day of operation of GB23C from the Greenwich special event station.

Busy last full day at GB23C Greenwich

A troop of cadets practicing their drills right next to the GB23C Greenwich station

Fred G3SVK, one of Cray Valley RS's most accomplished Morse/CW operators, making a big push for contacts on the last day.

Dave G8ZZK showing one young vistor to the lolipops; a well-earned treat after earlier passing a greetings message to a French amateur station. 

As the weather outside deteriorates, many visitors take refuge in the marquee, so CVRS members take the opportunity to tell the visitors all about amateur radio and GB23C

7 May 2023

This morning, the station was visited by a group of Royal Navy Sea Cadets.

Dave G8ZZK explaining amateur radio to sea cadets

A sea cadet passing a greetings message under the supervison of Jakub M0KUK

6 May 2023

As coronation day morning arrives, our QSO count has reached 6,500!

We received many visitors to the GB23C marquee today, from all over the world.

Guest operator, Steve AA4BW

G4BUO, M0KSJ, G7ULL, and on the right some visitors with G8ITB

5 May 2023

CVRS Club Members Operating GB23C

After a little under 48 hours of operation, GB23C had made over 5,000 contacts! 

Three HF stations and one VHF station manned by CVRS members

Dave G4BUO operating an HF station

Informing the Public

The special event station is open to the general public during the day, so Cray Valley members are informing visitors about the station and amateur radio in general, and also encouraging vistors to pass greetings messages on air.

The Mayor of Greenwich passing a greetings message under the supervison of David M0WDT

The MP for Eltham, the Hon Clive Efford MP with Cray Valley members (photo by Alun G4WGE)

GB23C open to public visitors

Lots of information about amateur radio for visitors

A large screen in the marquee displays the Clublog Livestream to passing visitors

4 May 2023

CVRS Club Members Operating GB23C

Many CVRS club members have volunteered to man the three HF stations and the VHF station over the course of the next few days. These are just a few of the many dedicated club members who operated today.

Richard G8ITB operating the VHF station

Bob M0MCV operating an HF station

Ray M7CXU operating an HF station under the supervision of Giles M0TGV

Mayor's Visit

The Mayor of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Councillor Leo Fletcher, visited the GB23C station this morning.

Left to right: Dave G4BUO, Bob M0MCV, Cllr Leo Fletcher

GB23C Antennas

GB23C's antennas are now in continuous use with station operations in full swing; over 2,000 QSO already logged by lunch time.



Dawn on the first full day of operating with over a thousand contacts already logged since GB23C started operating the prior evening.

3 May 2023

Setting up (see gallery for more set-up pics)

Time Lapse Video

Paul M0WPG made this excellent time-lapse video showing the assembly of GB23C's main mast and antenna.

The cranking up of the main mast starts at about 9 minutes into the video.

2 May 2023

With one day to go, all equipment is ready to be picked up.

28 April 2023

EMF assessments complete for all antennas and bands.

EMF calculation

27 April 2023

Exhibition poster designs

26 April 2023

Testing the logging software and ClubLog live stream

25 April 2023

PAT testing of the IT equipment completed

21 April 2023

Main antennas tested

Testing TH5 antenna

17 April 2023

Ofcom agreed to issue the callsign GB23C